Phenomenal World of Warcraft Music Videos

With World of Warcraft dominating MMOGs for years, it has certainly garnered quite the fan base. Of all the fan-creations that come from such though, a particular favorite has always been the machinima music video, and after a number of suggestions and comments pertaining to our WoW Machinima post, we decided to share some of our top favorites (of course, if you have other suggestions, by all means share them!). From parodies to original music, these short-and-sweet creations have been the cause of significant procrastination, thus here are some of the best from WoW’s fan base, based on lyrics, content, cinematography, and overall presentation:

#10. The Luckydo Rap

Originally, the #10 pick was a video that harkened all the way back to vanilla with MC Raiders. However, having been recently introduced toThe Luckydo Rap, from Wowcrendor, this pick has changed! The most recently created video on today’s list, this absurdly catchy song focuses on the sayings and quirky habits of on of Pandaria’s more… interesting races, the Grummels. It’s short (no pun intended), sweet, and features all of the slapstick-style comedy that we’ve come to know from Wowcrendor. Also… the freaking lyrics will not leave the back of the mind!

#9. Frame of Mind

#9 is a favorite created by /slashdance shortly after the launch of Burning Crusade. Entitled Frame of Mind, it is set to the music of The Ataris song “The Cheyenne Line.” Though the visuals are dated compared to modern machinima, it makes the list due to its fantastic symbolism and clear message: Gear can be epic, but friendship is legendary.

#8. Ulduar

Fast-forwarding to Wrath of the Lich King, comes a music video simply named “Ulduar.” A parody of the Timbaland song “The Way I Are,” this Romeo and Juliet story of a PvE and PvP player couple may contain tamer cinematography compared to others listed, but the music, credited to Summergale and Cranius, is certainly on par. With the video work also being credited to Crainus and Legs Machinima, it’s easily a song that sticks in one’s head all night.

#7. Run Deathwing Run

Speaking of catchy tunes, Run Deathwing Run is a machinima by RavenSylphe featuring the voices of several other avid WoW YouTubers including Emberlsolte, Letomi, Sharm, PVPSiennah, Gigi, PriestessRawrbug, Lihoification, and Ariel Rogers. A parody of the song “Run Devil Run” by Girl’s Generation, it’s the first video on this list pertaining to Cataclysm. Using the murloc version of the Aspect of Death, the video offers both superb music and amusing visuals. The all-girls theme doesn’t hurt either.

#6. What Would Warchief Garrosh Do?

In at #6 is one of the video submissions from Irdeen Productions for BlizzCon 2010. What Would Warchief Garrosh Do? is sort a Disney’esque song that takes Garrosh and puts him on an over-the-top level akin to the Internet’s many Chuck Norris jokes. Highly polished and slick looking, the only reason the video doesn’t rank higher is because the actual song doesn’t start until half-way through the video.

#5. Pugs All Night

Reaching the middle of the list is another Timbaland parody (“Give It to Me”). Pugs All Night, is set in the Wrath of the Lich King era with a topic many WoW gamer are all too familiar with: Pick-up raids. Created by Zharkan16 and featuring Emberlsolte and MrHealerDealer, it brings back many a frustrating memory of inexperienced raiders and unnecessary wipes.

#4. Learn 2 Play (You’ve Got to Play WoW)

Going back to the wonder years of WoW comes the #4 title Learn 2 Play. Chances are many WoW veterans may find the premise of this video striking home pretty closely. Encompassing 4:00am raids, loot obsessions, and PvP imbalances, it heralds in quite the flood of memories. It’s created by the Myndflame folks, and if nothing else, it’s hypnotic scenes and lyrics will certainly haunt viewers for the next few hours.

#3. Welcome to the Deadmines

XCrossPictures is the 2010 BlizzCon video contest winner with this incredible display, Welcome to the Deadmines. Like the #6 video, it takes a heavy Disney-inspired approach. However, the creators never waste a second reimagining the popular instance. Along with being a bubbly tune, it feels like it could be a WoW version of Aladdin’s “You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me.” In fact, it should probably be sung by Robin Williams. The entire video is a slew of randomness and beautiful juxtaposition complete with opera singing, flash mobs, and the use of the phrase “hammer time.”

#2. Forever a Nub

As far as songs go, the video of Forever a Nub is another personal favorite. Created by Yumfries and a parody of the song “All of the Above,” by T-Pain, it is not only stylistically compelling, but focuses on the general evolution that all players of WoW go through. From knowing nothing to frequent gankings, it exemplifies the nature of World of Warcraft and will easily evoke nostalgia from any fan. That said, always remember to /dance and shine in the love!

#1. Boom De Yada WoW

Finally, we reach the top World of Warcraft music video to date. Like all noted, Boom De Yada WoW is unbelievably catchy. Though it lost to Welcome to the Deadmines at BlizzCon 2010, it wins here for what it represents. Created by Irdeen Productions, it’s a parody of a Discovery Channel song that focuses on just how awesome our world is. Of course, this video translates that message to Azeroth starting with Wrath of the Lich King and working its way back to vanilla WoW, and with it, all the memories of why we loved the MMOG in the first place.


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