Top 5 Advantages to Being a Gamer!

Being a gamer has its perks. Once upon a time, it was the cliché, basement-dwelling geek that played video games, but in the modern century, all forms of social cliques have meandered their way into this world. Sadly, there is still stigma with the term “gamer,” brought on upon by negative stereotypes. Despite this, however, there are still tremendous benefits to being one, and here is our list:

#5. Escaping Reality

The Elder Scrolls SkyrimOkay, this one is a bit obvious but it needs to be stated all the same. Games, unlike any other entertainment medium, can create the most immersive and involved worlds in media. From the epic storylines of BioWare to the gargantuan World of Warcraft, high quality games have become the catalyst for many a lost hour. Fact of the matter is that games allow us, as players, to escape the mundane trivialities of the everyday world and become things we’re likely never to be, such as a magic-wielding dragon slayer that spouts out radioactive energy blasts with his voice (*cough* Skyrim *cough*).

Granted, a book or movie can be entertaining, but they’re not interactive. In such a medium the reader or viewer takes on a passive role. With games, they take on an active one, directly affecting the outcome of the game’s hero and the world surrounding them.

#4. The Cosplay Girls!

Yaya Han - Chun Li CosplayThis next might seem a joke, but is something that is truly a wonderful gift to the world: The fans. More specifically, this refers to the cosplayers. Though this double-dips a bit into the realm of comic books and anime, it can’t be denied that one of the most enjoyable aspects of any convention is seeing all the amazing costumes people come guised in. It’s like Halloween, and like Halloween many of the ladies’ costumes are just as… ahem, “amazing.”

Sexy is certainly the best word, and these displays of fandom are far more easy on the eyes than, say, a portly, shirtless Packers fan painted green and wearing a cheese hat. Granted, football has cheerleaders, but what makes many of these cosplaying gamer-girls better is that they’re actually interested in the same things you are and can actually be talked to without being tackled by security. Okay yes, to all the naysayers, there aren’t always good costumes, but let’s try to remain positive.

#3. Enhancing Social Capabilities

The Nexus - World of WarcraftThe NexusGames enhancing one’s social prowess might seem counterintuitive, but one of the things that makes online games so addictive isn’t the fact that they’re anti-social but that they’re too social. Much of this comes from the anonymity of the Internet, but this allows players’ inner personality to emerge. Online games just give introverted individuals ways to comfortably interact with people from all over the world. What makes this even better is that as games become more advanced, the means with which to interact with others grows as well. In many cases, it’s far more exciting to slay a dragon with friends than go out for a movie (that doesn’t mean lock yourself in the house though).

On top of all of this, there have been several love stories from MMOGs in which couples actually meet, then play together in the game world. While a fancy dinner is certainly needed at times, online dates are not uncommon. Perhaps there is something a bit more romantic when a man sacrifices himself so his girl can escape a group of angry Horde.

#2. Aiding Success

Perry - FitocracyIt’s something we wrote about a while ago, but the short version is “Fitocracy.” A social network intended to turn fitness into a game, it allows users to earn points and level up as they exercise. Though “fitness” and “gamer” rarely see each other in the same sentence, a similar mentality is present. Gamers tend to have an inherent competitive mindset that coaxes them to be better than the rest of their competition (e.g. leaderboards). The Fitocracy network exploits that mentality, and once gamers get started, they can make great athletes due to their unmitigated desire to be better than everyone else.

This isn’t limited to just fitness either. This mentality can be applied to virtually everything that a gamer attempts: Business, education, hobbies, etc. That sub-conscious drive is unparalleled by any other type of person and when it is, that person would probably make a great gamer.

#1. Crafting Healthy Brains

Tetris ZoneThe last topic of note is one that is still a bit in debate, but several studies have suggested that playing video games can actually make a person smarter. The idea is that playing a game is stimulating a large portion of the brain at any given time, and like muscles, the more it is worked the stronger it becomes. It is already known that learning a new language helps intelligence by enhancing problem solving skills, and games are comparable to the same thing.

Many gamers take it for granted, but playing a game forces users to be aware of several things going on at once including threat assessment, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and creative problem solving. Such brain activity has also been shown to reduce the chances of neural diseases, such as dementia, by as much as 46 percent. As was said though, such is still in debate as other reports suggest that the findings are not wholly accurate. Suffice to say, the jury will still be out on this one for a while.


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